Salki, the Riverfolk, the Drowned Ones, are also known as Silks, for their fine, water-soft cloth, and Sulks, for their terrible moods. Their women are famed for their beauty, the men for their skill- and both for their wisdom, deftness and the moods that roar up like a flood before subsiding as if never awoken. Equally at home both in the water and out of it, the Salki make their livings as traders and artisans, floating from submerged dam-home to dam-home on their hollow boats and trading goods, news and gossip with each other and with nearby settlements.
Physically, the Salki resemble humans with dull, green-blue skin and long, tangled hair. The women are considered incredibly beautiful amongst the other Refined Races, whilst the men, with long, wet beards and ripe smell of the riverbed are less favoured.

Game Rules

Aspect: Riverfolk
Stunt: Tempestuous (Empathy)

Notable Personae



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