Game Rules

Aspects, skills and stunts form the core of the FATE System rules. Vale of Wolves implements these in a specific manner.
See the SRD for a general outline-

Refresh 6+2 Stunts, 25 skill points (1x+4, 2x+3, 4x+2, 7x+1),

Race: Choose One
Early Life: Invent Two
Background: Choose One
First Adventure: Invent Two
Companion: Invent One
Companion: Invent One

Skill List:

Athletics Dodge
Endurance Hit Points
Fists Attack, Parry
Missiles Attack
Thrown Attack
Weapons Attack, Parry


Deceit Attack, Parry
Discipline Hit points
Empathy Dodge
Presence Attack
Rapport Attack, Parry
Taunt Attack


Alertness Initiative
Athletics Dodge
Lockpicking a
Might a
Ride a
Search a
Sleight of Hand a
Stealth a
Survival a


Art a
Crafts a
Contacts Initiative
Discipline Hit Points
Engineering a
History a
Lore a
Performance a
Scholarship a


Game Rules

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